perjantai 9. huhtikuuta 2010

The Saitgaist is about leisure time


I'm writing about leisure time at the computer and mobile phones in this blog. My name's Jukka Paulin,
I've been an enthusiastic geek for too long. :-) I come from Finland. The lake picture provides a look at what kind of neighbourhood this is on average. The country has about 50000 lakes and lots of fresh water. That is probably the kind of stereotypical image from our country. Finland is also a high-tech country with lot of small IT companies and of course Nokia, the mobile giant.

The stories are from my own life and that observed in near cyberspace. Cafe world app of Facebook was the first modern inspiration for the writings, though I've played computer games all my life.

Starting in 1984, when the Commodore 64 computer was de facto home computer, I learned both to play and program the games myself. The computer was really interesting engine of logic and along this side it was such fun. Commodore hosted a microchip called MOS6502 for the main processing, but it had along with it video and sound chips. The machine was programmed either in BASIC language or you could do assembly language. I did both.

Hey, by this line you're already dazed and confused. Stay tuned, and check out the article below for Cafe world! Greets.

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